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13 June: Omnipod 5 Discussion, WWDC24 Takehomes, G7 Geofenced, Easier Searches, Build Before Critical, GitHub Organization Account, Beta Testing, FB Q&A

2 June: June LnL Events, Loop & WatchOS 10, Cautions, FB Q&A

26 May 2024: Terry Witt, When Does Loop Expire?, NS Remote Entry Issues, Hacks From Our Experts, iOS Update, FB Q&A

12 May 2024: Browser Build Tips, “Help” Tips, Loop Follow Updates, Versions Explained, FB Q&A

30 April 2024: Version Update, Check Certificate Dates, ATTD2024 Report, Translation Help, Stop Excess Emails, FB Q&A

17 April 2024: Resource for New Members, Build Help, GitHub Access, Open-iAPS Update, Anubis Wants G7s, FB Q&A

8 April 2024: Open Mic, Cross-Posting, Loop Follow, Logging Non-Pump Insulin, FB Q&A

26 March 2024: 10,000 Strong, Time Change for EU, NS Review #2, Version Updates, BB Expiration, Tidepool Loop, FB Q&A

18 March 2024: NS Loop Settings Videos, Version Updates, Anubis Transmitters, FB Q&A

9 March 2024: Open Mic, U.S. Time Change, Version Update

5 March 2024: Behind the Scenes, Be Ready to Rebuild, DIY-Friendly HCP Resource, FB Q&A

27 February 2024: Fingersticks, Remote Carb Entries, FB Q&A

21 February 2024: Rapid Battery Depletion, Quick Tips: Site Stability & Meal Override, FB Q&A

12 February 2024: Love From Members, iAPS 3.0 WARNING, Selecting iAPS Version, iOS Update, New Phone, Expiration Times, FB Q&A

5 February 2024: Open Mic, Food-Centric Holidays, Nightscout Treat Logging Shortcut, Safety: Lock & Charge, FB Q&A

28 January 2024: Updates: Versions, LoopDocs, Build Video; Model “Help” Post; Benefits of Actually DIY-ing; FB Q&A

21 January 2024: Temp Basals, Search Features, Profiles, Safety: Time, FB Q&A

11 January 2024: Open Mic, Safety: Diabuddies, Double Entering Carbs, Manual Pumping w/ Loop, Nightscout News, FB Q&A

2 January 2024: Open Mics, Browser Build Tips, “Think Like a Loop”, iAPS Main Users: Alert, New Links, FB Q&A

24 December 2023: Apple Developer, Gifts, Loop Follow, FB Q&A

18 December 2023: 24 in ’24 Series, FB Q&A

11 December 2023: Open Mic Schedule & Thank You, Loop Caregiver & Loop Follow Update, Alcohol Consumption, When You Need Backup, Amping Up Insulin Effects, FB Q&A

4 December 2023: Open Mic Schedule, Browser Build Video, Loopdocs Glossary, Nightscout Help, LnL Instagram, Calling in Faulty Devices, FB Q&A, New iAPS Website

26 November 2023: Open Mic Schedule, FB Q&A, New iAPS Release, When Comparing Ourselves to Others…

19 November 2023: Open Mic Schedule, LnL Member Count, D-Data Download, Perks for Type 1s, Holiday Indulging, FB Q&A

12 November 2023: Open Mic Schedule, LnL at D-Data, “No Insulin Remaining”, D-stuff Trading, Diabetes Awareness Month: Resources, FB Q&A

5 November 2023: Open Mic Schedule, iAPS Replay & Slides, Fall Back, Apple Health, Loop Follow, Diabetes Awareness Month, FB Q&A

30 October 2023: Open Mic Schedule, Time Zones, Notes from ISPAD, Happy Halloween, 100 Mile Challenge, Loop and Learn Italia, Time to Update or Rebuild, FB Q&A

22 October 2023: Open Mic Schedule, T1D Community Involvement, Fix for Browser Build Failure, Loop Follow BIG Update, FB Q&A

15 October 2023: Open Mic Schedule, Little Loopers to T1D Titans Open Mic Replay, Browser Builders: Rebuild Info, DIY-Friendly HCP Resource, FB Q&A

8 October 2023: Open Mic Schedule, LoopDocs Updates, US Med Dexcom Supplies, Caregiver Resources, iAPS Users, FB Q&A

1 October 2023: Open Mic Schedule & Replays, The Now Line, Additions to Dev, Automatic Time, Ask ?s in the Group, Download Then Customize, FB Q&A

24 September 2023: New Newsletter Feature, Open Mics Info, Updates, Q&A From Our FB Group, Don’t Leave Your Phone Behind, Help to Avoid Nighttime Lows

17 September 2023: Upcoming Open Mics, Loop Caregiver Open Mic Replay, Q&A From Our FB Group, Profiles Enhancements, Loop Follow for iAPS, iOS 17

11 September 2023: Upcoming Open Mics, Time to Update, Q&A From Our FB Group, Apple Developer Agreement, LoopDocs Remote Commands

3 September 2023:  Upcoming Open Mics, iAPS Videos, LnL Group Rules, Starting Loop Playlist, DIY APS Article, Check for Updates, Apple Dev Agreement, Q&A, Int’l Travel w/ G7

27 August 2023: Upcoming Open Mic, iAPS Videos, Flagging Fake Boluses, Report Device Issues, Q&A From Our Facebook Group, Keep Your Loop Looping

20 August 2023: Open Mics & iAPS OM Video, Creative Customization, Q&A from Facebook

13 August 2023: Open Mics, Customization Update, CGM Following in Schools

 8 August 2023: Open Mic, Loop 3.0?, Sharing, IRC Updated, LnL HCP Resource, Check In

30 July 2023: iAPS Open Mic, Wanted: Expired Dexcom Transmitters, Schools Refusing to Follow Dexcom/ CGM, Help Us Help You, A Great Day on DIY

18 July 2023: LnL Gatherings, Loop Follow, Algorithm Experiments

1 July 2023: Open Mic, Pro Tip, GBPA & IRC, Savvy Diabetic

24 June 2023: Open Mic, Browser Build Pro Tips, Customization Select

11 June 2023: Speaker Series, Open Mic Night, Apple Developer, Kindness

4 June 2023: Speaker Series, Open Mic Night, YouTube, Pro Tip, HCP Resource

27 May 2023: Jammin’ in June, Speaker Series: Kathryn Gentile on AB vs. TB, Shared Data Use

20 May 2023: Jammin’ in June, Apple Updates, Pro Tips: Adhesives, Build Select Script

6 May 2023: Open Mic Night, NS Reports Video Replay, Apple Updates, LnL Page Updates

30 April 2023: Speaker Series: Nightscout Reports, Open Mic Night, Follow Loop, HCP Resource, Pro Tip

23 April 2023: Open Mic Night: Overrides, Speaker Series: Gary Scheiner on Nightscout Reports

16 April 2023: Open Mic Night: Overrides, Video Recap: Menstrual Cycles and Loop, Loop Follow, Customizations

2 April 2023: Speaker Series: Upcoming Events, Video Recap: Basal, Version Updates, LnL on IG, Holiday Meal and Treat Tips

25 March 2023: Speaker Series: Upcoming Events, 3.2.1 Update, Build Parties, HCP Resource

18 March 2023: Speaker Series: Gary Scheiner on Basal, LnL Reading Buddies, Loop 3.2, Advocacy Update, FreeAPS, Afrezza User: Beware! (link needs to be fixed)

11 March 2023: Speaker Series: Big Plans, Time Change, Advocacy Request, Freestyle Libre FDA Cleared, Looper Beware! (link needs to be fixed)

3 March 2023: Honoring Katie DiSimone

25 February 2023: Hypoglycemia: Gary Scheiner Video, LnL Poll; Situation Spotlight: ISF; Pizza; HCP Resource; Social Media (link needs to be fixed)

18 February 2023: Hypoglycemia: Gary Scheiner, LnL Poll; Mental Health Survey; Pizza Poll; Social Media Campaign (link needs to be fixed)

11 February 2023: Hypoglycemia: Gary Scheiner, LnL Poll; Superbowl Tips; Dexcom One (link needs to be fixed)

4 February 2023: Tidepool, Loop Caregiver, Popular Looping GCMs, +G7, -Eros (link needs to be fixed)

27 January 2023:  Tidepool, Loop with Patches, DIY-Friendly HCP Resource, Winter Quick Tips, Popular Looping Pumps (link needs to be fixed)

15 January 2023: Loop 3, Safety: “Future Glucose”, Loop vs. O5, Nightscout Billing 

6 January 2023: Loop vs. O5, Loop Safety Highlight, Nightscout Billing, Loop Caregiver App

30 December 2022:  Loop vs. O5, Google Translate, Loop Caregiver, Nightscout

17 December 2022: Meditation, Loop vs. O5, Time to Update?, G7, Pro Tip: Overdose, Nightscout Migration

21 November 2022: Libre 2, Nightscout Migration Options, Thanksgiving Pro Tips, Loop-Dev, Speaker Series Replays

2 November 2022: Open Mic Night, Time Change, Speaker Series, Recall, Heroku, “loop-friendly” Provider Resource

22 October 2022: This Week’s Events, LnL Speaker Series: Upcoming Events and Replays, Important for Heroku Users, “loop-friendly” Provider Resource

16 October 2022: LnL Speaker Series, Dev Build Party, Heroky, “loop-friendly” Provider Resource

8 October 2022: LnL Speaker Series, “loop-friendly” Provider Resource, Heroku, LnL Pro Tip

29 September 2022: LnL Speaker Series, “loop-friendly” Provider Resource, Apple’s New Releases, Heroku, Railway, FreeAPS X Discord, Pro Tip, YouTube Replay: IFTTT


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Thanksgiving Quick Tips!

The U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving on November 24, 2022

This Quick Tip is prompted by Thanksgiving, but the tips here apply to all food-oriented holidays, and there aren’t that many holidays that aren’t focused on food!

LOTS OF FOOD! All kinds of food … all day!  If you’re new to T1D or Looping, spend a little time before the festivities begin and create a ‘cheat sheet’ with the carb, fat and protein counts for the foods that you’ll most likely be eating (and eating again).

Here are some great tips on managing Loop so that you can eat, maintain great control and just enjoy the day.

These tips show the Loop interface, but the concepts can be translated to any closed-loop system.

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