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Version Updates – is it Time?


No!  iOS 15 is being released on September 20.   iOS 15 needs to be tested to ensure that Loop can be built with iOS 15 and the most current versions of macOS and Xcode.    The release dates for Xcode 13 and macOS Monterey have not yet been announced. 

Check your expiration date to decide how much time you have before you expect to require a rebuild. If you try to build Loop using incompatible versions of macOS, Xcode, and iOS, you’ll get the dreaded “iphone is not available” error message.

Oops – what if you are already are on 14.5.x or higher iOS and your Mac won’t update to Big Sur?

There is a solution – it’s posted at the top of the Build-Select page. Use the script to download a fresh copy of code and follow along with the video and you should be able to build Loop anyway.

Bookmark this page!  Come back when you have a version question in the future.

This page will be kept up-to-date as new versions are released.  You can also sign up for the newsletter, but to keep from spamming people, new version updates may not always be included in the newsletter, especially if it is for a minor version update.  So, this page is going to be your best “one-stop shop” to answer the general question.

Turn off auto-update

You never want your Loop phone to auto-update the iOS version. If you have not already done so, do this now:

  1. In iPhone Settings, go to General / Software Update / Automatic Updates.
  2. Turn on “Automatic Downloads”
  3. Turn off “Automatic Updates”

Even if you have a good backup of your phone, it can be very difficult, sometimes impossible, to downgrade your phone once you upgrade the iOS.

It’s a good idea to do the same on your computer.  Both the operating system and Xcode should have auto-update turned off. But please, update as soon as the all-clear is sounded.  Updates can provide very important security fixes as well as nifty new features.

More Information

You should always be in a position to build Loop, if necessary. The best practice is to upgrade your build computer (Mac) before upgrading the iOS on your iPhone.  Of course, that’s your choice.

All versions of Loop have been successfully built onto iOS 14.8 phones, so if you need to build for any reason it should work.

If you updated your iPhone to iOS 14.8 and then discovered that your Mac cannot update to Big Sur, you will have to take extra steps to rebuild – the information is on the Build-Select page. (Big Sur became a requirement for iOS 14.5).

Steps for updating:

  1. Update your Mac to Big Sur (it doesn’t need to be the latest version of Big Sur, but cannot be Catalina)
  2. Update Xcode to 12.5.1 using these instructions
  3. Make sure your iPhone backup is current, or do a manual backup if you don’t have them going to iCloud automatically
  4. Screenshot and save (off the phone) ALL your Loop settings screens, (don’t forget the Override screen)
  5. Verify that your Loop and Pump time are in sync (Use this doc if you need help with this)
  6. Update the phone to the latest iOS
  7. It’s always good to confirm Loop settings after an update

Settings Confirmation:

  • In iPhone settings, open the Loop or FreeAPS settings.
    • Make sure Bluetooth, Background App Refresh, and Cellular Data are turned on
    • If you have FreeAPS, make sure Adaptive Rate is turned off
  • In iPhone settings, open Dexcom
    • Make sure everything is on (four green sliders)
  • In iPhone settings, open Health
    • Click on “Data Access & Devices”
    • Ensure that Dexcom can write Blood Glucose
    • Ensure that Loop or FreeAPS has everything turned on except for Loop’s ability to Read Glucose (six or seven green sliders depending on your version)
  • If you had to change anything in your iPhone settings, force close the Loop app and force reboot the phone
  • In iPhone settings, go to General / Software Update / Automatic Updates
    • Turn off “Automatic Updates”
    • You never want your Loop phone to auto-update the iOS version

Steps for building:

If you are going to Build Loop now, try the Build-Select script. It’s an easy and fast way to build Loop or FreeAPS.

If you are having issues with upgrading Xcode, picking a branch, understanding how to ask for help with building, or many other issues with Loop, look at the menus at the top of this page for other useful articles.

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