This glossary is shared (with permission) from LoopDocs: Glossary.

Activated: for Omnipod: time at which insulin was injected into pod and 2 beeps were heard

Anchor Links: any header on a LoopDocs page can be used as a link, tap on the paragraph symbol at the end of the header to view the link in the URL

API_SECRET: password (min 12 characters) needed to access Nightscout Site

App Group: a unique identifier that Apple users for a given app, yours has your TEAMID embedded in it,

Automatic Bolus: provide a fraction of the recommended insulin automatically with each updated CGM reading (default 40%)

BAGE: pump battery age on Nightscout site

Big Sur: older version for operating system for Mac, macOS 11.x

BLE: Bluetooth low energy, used for communication by phones, CGM and some pumps

Build Select Script: by running a command in your terminal, this menu-driven tool assists in building Loop

branch: version of code within a single repository or workspace repository

CAGE: cannula (or pump site) age on Nightscout site

carthage: a program that used to be required to build Loop – no longer needed

Catalina: older version for operating system for Mac, macOS 10.x

Certificate: Apple certificate is used to sign your iOS or Mac apps – tied to but different from your permanent Developer ID

CGM: continuous glucose monitor, wearable medical device that measures and reports glucose in interstitial fluid

Closed Loop: Loop will make automated adjustments of insulin delivery using predictions based off user entries, settings, IOB and COB

clone: create a copy of a repository on your computer including revision history and ability to update using git commands

COB: Carbs on Board, affects automated insulin delivery: the g of carbohydrates that Loop expects to be absorbed and uses for glucose prediction

commit: a formal change to files in a repository; each commit has an alphanumeric identifier (SHA-1)

Config Vars: configuration parameters for a Nightscout Site

Correction Range: Loop recommends changes to basal and / or bolus to bring glucose predictions into this range

CR: Carb Ratio; how many grams of carbs are covered by one unit of rapid-acting insulin

Delivery Limits: max bolus and max basal rates allowed by your therapy settings

DIA: Duration of Insulin Action, the full time insulin is active including a long, low-level tail

Dosing Strategy: chosen method for increased insulin dosing: (1) High Temp Basal or (2) Automatic Bolus with scheduled basal

dynos: used to reboot a Nightscout Site

EmaLink: radio-frequency device Loop uses to control Eros pods and older Medtronic pumps

Event History: record of pump events (bolus or temp basal) reported and used by Loop

Expiration Date: your Loop app has a finite life, the app warns you starting 3 weeks before the expiration date

fastlane: used as part of the github Build Action method that enables building Loop without a Mac computer or Xcode

Finder: graphical folder and file display on Mac

fork: a copy of code in a github repository other than the original

GIF: Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) can be used for small animations and low-resolution video clips

git: a tool for version control

GitHub: an online service for storing repositories, accessible from a browser an online service for storing repositories, accessible from a browser

Glucose Chart: Display of measured and predicted glucose values

Glucose Safety Limit: Loop will not suggest insulin delivery when glucose prediction (in next 3 hours) goes below this limit; in Loop 2 this was called Suspend Threshold

Guardrails: limits in the code for user selected settings, recommended and absolute limits are provided

Hamburger Menu: three parallel lines that, when tapped, open a new menu

HUD: Heads-Up Display at top of Loop main screen, phone in portrait mode

ICE: Insulin Counteraction Effect – Loop models the expected glucose change based on carbs entered, absorption time and your settings; and adjusts based on measured glucose

Identifiers: names of modules found on your Apple Developer Identifiers page that are required for GitHub build method

IOB: Insulin on Board, affects automated insulin delivery: the current active insulin (above or below the basal rate) that Loop calculates and uses for glucose prediction

iOS: operating system used by Apple Mobile devices (iPhone, iPod)

ISF: Insulin Sensitivity Factor; how many points your blood sugar will drop for each unit of insulin; sometimes called correction factor

Issue: On github – a formal method to report a problem, either code behavior or documentation

macOS: operating system for Mac computer

Lock your Phone: click the button on the side of the phone to lock it – prevent accidental touch, i.e., accidental Loop command

Loop 3: Latest release with major updates

Loop Cycle: typically 5 minutes: new CGM reading, prediction update, pump update and, if in Closed Loop, dosing update if needed

Match-Secrets: a private repository you must create in your github account, stores keys required to build with github Build Actions

MTB: Manual Temp Basal: user initiated temporary basal, Omnipod Common feature

MDT: common abbreviation for Medtronic pumps

modal: message or alert appearing in front of app that must be acknowledged to return to app

Modules: the Loop code uses a number of modules to handle different components of the entire app

Monterey: operating system for Mac, macOS 12.x

Onboarding: familiarize new, and existing, Loop users with settings in Loop 3 and ensure the Therapy Settings are all entered and are within safety guardrails

Omnipod: Insulet tubeless insulin pump; Loop supports Eros (with RileyLink) and DASH

Open Loop: Loop will not make automated adjustments of insulin delivery but all prediction and recommendation features are available

OrangeLink: radio-frequency device Loop uses to control Eros pods and older Medtronic pumps

OTP: one-time password, this is used to enable caregivers to securely execute remote commands to a Looper’s phone

Override: a modification to Loop settings that can change the correction range, the sensitivity (basal, ISF and CR) or both

Package Dependencies: packages that must be downloaded by Xcode (once) to build the app after downloading the LoopWorkspace to your computer

pill: on Nightscout, small boxes with information, tap for extra details

PR: Pull Request – a formal method to request changes to a repository

prebolus: take some or all of a meal bolus before eating

Pre-Meal Range: modify the correction range for up to one hour by tapping on an icon in the toolbar

Provisioning Profile: associates your app with your Developer ID and limits app lifetime to 1 year (paid) or 1 week (free)

Pull Request: formal method to request changes to a repository

Quit the Loop App: quit out of the app – different from closing the app – typically you swipe up in the app switcher

repository: contains project files and each file’s revision history

RileyLink: radio-frequency device Loop uses to control Eros pods and older Medtronic pumps

Rosetta: allows apps built for older Macs (Intel chips) to run on newer Macs (M1 and M2 chips)

SAGE: sensor age on Nightscout site

Secrets: a method to securely embed personal information into your fork of LoopWorkspace to enable GitHub to have access required to build Loop

SHA-1: Secure Hash Algorithm 1; used to generate an alphanumeric code for commits in git (github)

Sign Targets: associate a Developer ID with an app; must sign all targets for a given app

submodules: for Loop, submodules are repositories defined in the Workspace repository that are required to build the app

Table of Contents: (TOC) is the list of level 2 and 3 headers on a given page; the title at the top of the page is a level 1 header

Temp Basal Only: provide the recommended insulin automatically using an increase in temp basal over half an hour (limited by max temp basal)

Terminal: interface for entering commands to the computer

TestFlight: a method to distribute apps without direct connection

Therapy Settings: Basal Rates, ISF, CR, correction and safety ranges and delivery limits

Tokens: on Nightscout, configure access permissions using tokens

Tooltip: brief definitions provided for important terms and abbreviations on the website

URL: website address (Uniform Resource Locator)

Ventura: operating system for Mac, macOS 13.x

watchOS: Apple watch operating system; must be compatible with phone iOS

workflow: a set of instructions to GitHub to perform an action; the instruction files are found in the .github/workflows folder of the repository

Workspace: a grouping of several repositories into a complete package

Xcode Preferences: older name for Xcode Settings

Xcode Settings: as of Xcode 14, Xcode menu uses Settings instead of Preferences

Xcode: program used to build an app

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