Baby it’s Cold Outside:


Whether you’re into downhill or cross-country skiing, or prefer snowshoeing or ice skating, here are some Quick Tips on how to keep Looping while you’re enjoying the great (cold) outdoors!

Understand how your favorite winter activity impacts your blood glucose (BG).

  • Adjust your insulin rates and/or correction range.
  • Set a higher target range and a lower insulin %, if needed.
  • Check out this helpful guide to using Loop’s override function.
  • Be ready with any needed snacks or glucose.  

Protect your Radio Link (Riley, Ema, or Orange)

  • Secure your Radio Link to your clothing because it will be nearly impossible to find if it’s dropped in the snow.
  • Label your Radio Link with your name and telephone number, just in case your efforts to secure it didn’t work out so well! 

Cold weather can drain batteries quickly, here are some strategies that might help:

  • Bring a fully-charged battery pack to keep your iPhone and Riley or Ema Link charged, or extra batteries if you’re using Orange Link
  • Use a hand warmer to keep your iPhone and Radio Link’s batteries warm, or
  • Wrap your iPhone and Radio Link in a spare sock or glove, and keep them close to your body

Cold weather can impact your BG meter test strips

  • If you’re manually checking your BG, let the strips come to room temperature before relying on them.
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