How do you know when your Loop will expire?

If you are using a paid Apple Developer’s account, the Loop app will need to be built at least once per year. But it might be sooner than that.  If you build your very first Loop app, you will get one year.  In the “old days”, if you built during that year, you would have a year from the new build date – but not any more.  Now, when you build, the provisioning profile (how long the app will work) might not be updated – Xcode reuses it if there’s one on your computer.  So if you built your first Loop in Sep 2019, and then again in March 2020, it might still expire in Sep 2020. (That example was selected because that’s when Loopers discovered, the hard way, that provisioning profiles were being reused.)  The method to force a new provisioning profile is found in Loopdocs updating instructions. 

To check expiration date on an existing Loop install:

  1. Plug-in phone and open Xcode and make sure your iPhone is unlocked
  2. Go to Xcode menu bar
  3. Click Window/Devices and Simulators – this opens a new menu
  4. Don’t worry about messages on the screen, find your phone listed on the left side
  5. Right click (or Ctrl-click) your phone name and select Show Provisioning Profiles from the pop up menu
  6. Click on Expiration Date on the upper right to sort newest to oldest
  7. Find Loop name in the list with expiration date furthest in the future.  Your Apple Watch’s provisioning profile date may be different from that of your iPhone.

    Note these dates in your calendar and build before your iPhone’s app expires.  You can use these instructions in Loopdocs to delete your old provisioning profiles and force Xcode to create a new provisioning profile for your iPhone. Unfortunately, the Loopdocs method won’t delete your Watch’s provisioning profile, so you will need to wait for your Watch’s app to fail and then rebuild in order to get a new provisioning profile that expires in one year.

    Other considerations:

    • Give yourself plenty of time (2 to 7 days) before the expiration date
    • The Mac OS, Xcode version, and iOS all need to be consistent and updates can take a long time
    • Since you have to build anyway, it’s best to have the latest version of Loop
    • Do NOT delete a working Loop app off your phone
    • Xcode is smart enough to say Build Failed and leave your working copy of the app alone (still working)
    • Xcode only copies the app to the phone at the end after the build succeeds
    • The new Loop app uses all the information from the prior build so your pump and CGM and settings all keep working together
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