It’s Time for our Clocks and Loops to


Daylight savings time begins

  • Second Sunday in March at 2 am (US)
  • Last Sunday in March at 1 am GMT (Europe) …  

Here is a Quick Tip on how to keep Looping when you Spring Ahead!

All Loopers  

On the morning of your time zone change, 

  • Go into Settings / Pump / Scroll down until you find “Change Time Zone”
  • Tap “Change Time Zone” to synch your pump to your iPhone

For most people, this hour difference in basal rates won’t make much difference; but others have drastically different rates at certain times and that hour difference can be important.

Special Note for FreeAPS Users

Time Zone Bug

  • If you viewed your Insulin Sensitivities screen while your pump and iPhone time zones are out of synch, FreeAPS will crash and you will not be able to open it again
    • The latest version FreeAPS is fixed – build it as soon as possible and you won’t need to worry about this
    • If it happens to you and you can download and build the latest version, it will fix the problem
  • This can happen if the time is changed for any reason, including routine travel
  • If your app crashed before you read this Quick Tip, you can recover without needing to rebuild


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