Starting Loop: Compatible Pumps and CGMs

Compatible Pumps

Loop is compatible with both Eros and DASH Omnipods and certain older (2006 to 2012) Medtronic pumps.  Omnipod DASH is the most common pump used by Loopers and connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.  DASH is the only Loopable pump that does not require a radio-link.

You can read more about these options in LoopDocs.

 CGMs or Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Loop (both main and dev) is directly compatible with Dexcom G6, ONE, G7 and ONE+ (a customization is required for ONE+), Medtronic Enlight continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and Nightscout as a CGM.  The EU Libre 2 is directly compatible with Loop-dev, and Loop-main can be customized to work with EU Libre 2.

Check out LoopDocs for more details about CGM options, or to compare the Dexcom CGM options, click here.

For more information about Nightscout, here are the links to the Nightscout documentation and to what LoopDocs has to say about Nightscout.


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