Starting Loop: Compatible iPhone

The detailed list in LoopDocs is up-to-date and referenced by clicking on this link: Intro: Compatible iPhone. Loop 3 requires a minimum iOS of 15.1, but iOS 17 is recommended, so your device will need to be able to handle the latest iOS. Be sure to read the whole page. Some information there is reinforced on this page along with some additional tips.

Important Fact: Loop is integrated with the Apple Health database.

Loop reads from and writes to that database, therefore, only an iPhone can be used with Loop.  The iPad does not support Apple Health so you can’t Loop with it. (Newest version of iPad does but no one has tested Loop on an iPad).

In addition to your primary Loop phone, a backup phone (see Have a Backup Plan) is recommended for Loopers (it does not need to be activated with a telephone number/mobile service).

There are alternate markets to purchase used cell phones (for example,

All looping phones should have an internal battery with a Maximum Capacity above 85% (look in Settings/Battery/Battery Health/Maximum Capacity).

Apple iOS and Mac OS and Xcode

When Apple releases a new phone operating system (iOS), a new version of Xcode is also released.  Mac users who use the Mac Build method will use Xcode to build their Loop, LoopFollow and Loop Caregiver apps.  We have more information about Building Loop, but it’s best to stay focused and continuing reading here.

When a new iOS is released – wait until you get the all-clear from the Looping Community before updating your phone.  Each iOS release needs to be tested to make sure that it is capable of both operating and building Loop.  That’s why you need to keep automatic update turned off on your phone.

  • For later reference, you will want to bookmark: Version Updates 
  • That page lists the most recent versions for iOS that have been tested with Loop as well as updates to Loop

People who use Browser Build do not need to worry about the rest of this page – they will be building once a quarter as a minimum and the Xcode version is selected for them automatically.

People who use Mac Build:

  • Once you see reports that it’s ok to update your phone, it’s a good idea to update Xcode to a compatible version too, just in case you need to rebuild
  • It is recommended that you practice rebuilding Loop at least once a quarter
    • This encourages you to keep your computer, Xcode and iPhone available to rebuild the Loop app if some new feature or safety concern is reported
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