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How do I ask for help for a Build Error?

The best place to look for help is on LoopDocs Build Error page.

That page can be a little intimidating, so we’ve added some bite-sized links to the page to help you navigate.

Pick one place to post. Wait and give the mentors at that site time to get back to you.

Once you start accepting help from an individual, stick with that ONE person until you have exhausted that path.   It is very frustrating for a volunteer to be trying to help someone, and you try two other things in the middle of them helping you that blows-out the steps that they were trying to walk you through, so they have to start again.

If someone helps you, make sure to give them feedback, did it fix your problem, are you still stuck?   Are you thankful for the help? And if you post on Facebook, please edit the original post – at the very top – and add the word “Resolved”.  That lets the mentors know they don’t need to help you AND it lets others with the same problem know the solution can be found in the comments of your post. If you feel very ambitious, edit your post to say “Resolved” with a summary of what fixed the problem.

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