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Starting Loop: Setup

The settings that you’ll see when you first open the Loop app vary based upon which version of Loop you’ve built and which pump you use.

The LoopDocs references, below, show the setup for the Master branch.

Initial Loop Set Up and Configuration

Please review the steps in LoopDocs Set up Apps section on how to add your Pump, CGM, and Services to Loop.

A few things are highlighted below for quick reference (they are found in LoopDocs, but there are a lot of pages . . .)

Step 3: Add CGM – update for Dexcom CGM

  • Do not enter Dexcom Share creditials when you enter CGM
  • If you inadvertently added them, delete your CGM and add it back with just the Dexcom Transmitter ID

Step 4: Configuration – Pre-Meal Target Override

  • Some people prefer to leave this blank
  • The consequence is you cannot use it (but you can still prebolus)
  • The advantage is you won’t accidentally bump it and turn off an override by mistake
  • NOTE – once you enter a value here – that button will always be active – so you might want to wait and see if you want to use it

Step 4: Configuration – Dosing Strategy

You have two options- Temp Basal Only or Automatic Bolus.  If you select Temp Basal Only, then Loop will only provide increased insulin delivery through an increase in the Temporary Basal (fairly slow).  Once you are sure your settings are properly adjusted to work with the Loop algorithm, you may want to try the Automatic Bolus dosing strategy which provides the needed correction more rapidly.

New Loopers: Skim over the next paragraph – but remember it exists if you need more flexibility later – especially if you have a Little Looper.

For those of you who are trying Jon Fawcett’s AB Strategy Switching Patch,  you will have two more configuration options –  Auto Strategy Switching and a Dose Switching Threshold.  The Auto Strategy Switching checkbox gives you the ability to automatically switch between Autobolus and Temporary Basals.  The  Dose Switching Threshold determines the BG rate at which you switch from Automatic Boluses to Temp Basals. Essentially, if over the set BG value, it will use Automatic Boluses. If under the set value, it will use Temp Basals.  This patch can be found in Jon’s github repository.

Step 5: Loop Services – Nightscout

  • One more plea to consider adding Nightscout
  • You can use Loop without Nightscout, but should you?
  • To be a great Looper with great settings, Nightscout is your best friend


For those who are interested in building FreeAPS, please see this overview of the settings available in FreeAPS.

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