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FreeAPS is a special automatic bolus version forked and maintained by Ivan Valkou and Kirill Chekanov. It is sometimes called the “Ivan branch”.

Before installing FreeAPS, it is very important that you are prepared to update your settings. Failure to do so could be harmful. Please review this document.

Important Notice for those using Omnipod: Before proceeding with your FreeAPS build, please access your Loop settings and click on Change Time Zone to make sure that your Pod and Looping phone are using the same time zone.

To Build FreeAPS

  1. Open terminal. Tip: press command-space to open spotlight search. Start typing term… and you will see the Terminal application icon in the box. Hit enter to open.
  2. Copy/Paste this code into Terminal:/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/loopnlearn/LoopBuildScripts/main/BuildFreeAPS.sh)"

3. Hit Enter.

4. When the script has completed running, close Terminal.

5. FreeAPS will be located in Downloads, in a folder named BuildLoop and the folder name will include FREEAPS and the current date. If Xcode does not automatically launch with the FreeAPS software loaded, Click on the FREEAPS folder to reveal the LoopWorkspace folder.

6. Click on LoopWorkspace, then double click on Loop.xcworkspace to open the project in Xcode.

7. Use this graphic to assist you to complete your Workspace build.

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