CASES for RileyLink, OrangeLink, EmaLink Devices

Looply ( by Mathia (Mati) Gavriel (T1D)

LooplyCase is a custom 3D printed phone case designed to hold your RileyLink, OrangeLink or EmaLink and phone together at all times. Made for most universal phone sizes, out of a rubber-like material, the form of the case fits snugly over all of the buttons and curves of your device, without adding bulk, helping to protect your Phone & RileyLink, OrangeLink or EmaLink.

Cost:  $79.53 + S&H

LoopCases ( by Robert Silvers (T1D)

Very colorful, lots of mix/match options, for RileyLink and OpenAPS Edison Enclosure. 

Cost:  $39.99 – 59.99

T1d3d ( by Greg Lhotka (father of T1D)

Products for Loopers, including RileyLink, OrangeLink, insulin vial cases, drawer organizers, etc.   RL and OL multiple color cases stamped with “Medical Device, Phone Number” and option includes space for Tile trackers.

Cost:  $18.00


Airpods Case for OrangeLink, available on Amazon: $6.95 and up

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