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iOS 14.5 has been released

Please wait to update.  

If you have iOS auto-update enabled on your phone, this is a good time to turn it off using the instructions on our Versions Update page 

Here is a Quick Tip to guide you through the process.

Once 14.5 has been fully vetted, you should update your MacOS to Big Sur, your Xcode to 12.5 and your iPhone of 14.5.

Why bother to update?

Your Loop app is working great and you don’t want to mess it up, but

  • Emergency builds are not uncommon.  Just check-out FB or Telegram for posts from panicked Loopers whose iPhone or Loop app have suddenly and mysteriously stopped working
  • Always be in a position to build Loop  if necessary. Best practice is to upgrade your build computer (Mac) before upgrading the iOS on your iPhone
  • Version Updates will tell you everything that you need to know

What if I don’t have time to update?

Apple may release updated versions of iOS and Xcode and if your Loop app crashes, you get to be n=1 in the experiment as to whether

  • Loop is compatible with the new versions
  • Loop can be built with the new versions

If you need to rebuild,  check-out this great Build Script.

If your build fails, for any reason, including your failure to heed this warning to update iOS and Xcode, click here for the information that volunteers will need to help you.  It seems like a lot of information, but experience has proven that this is the fastest way to get you back up and Looping because it helps to minimize the troubleshooting steps.  

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