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Mark’s Thoughts June 2022

Dash to the finish line…

These are Mark’s thoughts, not peer-reviewed, edited, sanity-checked, or otherwise approved by anyone.

The FreeAPS Dash version is essentially ready,  However, it is NOT available as  Master because of the serious danger of loopers switching to FreeAPS, just to get Dash support.

Why not push FreeAPS?

  • It is old.
  • It is not being updated and only gets maintenance support at this point.
  • The algorithms in Loop are now better than the ones in FreeAPS.
  • There are additional protections in Loop (that are not available in FreeAPS) to keep people from being harmed.
  • For some people in some circumstances, the settings between FreeAPS and Loop can be quite different.  This can cause incorrect dosing when moving to FreeAPS from Loop without proper settings testing.

If you are an existing FreeAPS user in search of Dash, search for “Dash” using the search box at the top of the page and follow those directions.

If you are a Loop or Loop AB user in search of Dash, you should wait until it is merged into Master.

If you aren’t going to wait, this page has two snapshots of Loop-Dev:

  • One has the normal “patches” that most people install
  • The second one has the patches plus some common modifications (that remove some guardrails and change the half-hour absorption time to 90 minutes).

Loop-Dev changes rapidly.  If you can’t keep up with the changes, please DO NOT USE Loop-Dev!  You could grab a version at the wrong time and install something dangerous.

The two zip files on this page are a snapshot in time (from 6/9/2022 immediately after the “watch ghost carbs” fix). Several Loop and Learn admins are running this build from one of these two zip files. It is still dev and it can still kill you, as can any homemade medical device software. This software, as with all loop software, should only be tested on bears, not humans.

Due to database changes, you MUST delete all Loop family apps off your phone before installing Dev, and if you switch back to production (other branches), you must delete the app again.   Deleting the app orphans active pods so do it at pod change time.

If you do not know how to

  • download a zip file
  • extract it
  • enter your Apple ID into the LoopConfigOverride file
  • execute product/clean build folder
  • execute file/packages/reset package caches
  • build workspace

YOU SHOULD STOP HERE! REALLY!  There is not enough help available to get you over the finish line.  This is not the document you are looking for.  PLEASE BE PATIENT and WAIT until it is safe!

Option 1:
Loop-Dev 2.3.0 (57) from 6/9/22, tagged 2.3.0.p69 (57).  (Patched)

Download: Zip file Loop-Dev-p69

Loop-Dev Workspace, downloaded 6/9/22 with these patches from Jon Fawcett installed:

Option 2:
Loop-Dev 2.3.0 (57) from 6/9/22, tagged 2.3.0.pc69 (57) (Patched and Customized)

Download: Zip file Loop-Dev-pc69

Loop-Dev Workspace, downloaded 6/9/22 with the patches from Jon Fawcett installed, and these additional customizations:


  • Change fast carb absorption time to 90 minutes (from 30)
    • Folder: Loop/LoopCore
    • File:  LoopCoreConstants.swift (formerly LoopSettings.swift)
    • Key_Phrase: defaultCarbAbsorptionTimes: CarbStore.DefaultAbsorptionTimes
    • Changed fast time from 30 min to 90 min, left medium at 3 hours and slow at 5 hours
  •  Allow meal entries 3 hours in the future (from 1 hour)
    • Keyword: “cell.datePicker.maximumDate = date.addingTimeInterval”
    • Folder: Loop/Loop/View Controllers
    • File: CarbEntryViewController.swift
    • Cell.datePicker.maximumDate = date.addingTimeInterval (.hours(3))
  • Allow lower suspend threshold (57 vs 67) and Correction range (70 vs 87)
    • Keyword: Guardrail(absoluteBounds:
    • Will find locations for suspendThreshold (aka Glucose Safety limit or Pre-Meal Range) and correctionRange
    • SuspendThreshold = Guardrail(absoluteBounds: 57110
    • CorrectionRange = Guardrail(absoluteBounds: 70180
  • ISF (because some people need a number stronger than 10, (changed to 5 vs 10)
    • Guardrail+Settings.swift
    • Search for 10…500 (found in 3 places, only change the one in Guardrail+Settings.swift)
    • Changed to 5…500
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