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Mark’s Thoughts June 2022

Dash to the finish line…

These are Mark’s thoughts, not peer-reviewed, edited, sanity-checked, or otherwise approved by anyone.

November 2022 update to this page, the zip files that used to be have been removed.   I do not have another zip download that is ready to build.

The fact that the zip files were removed because they no longer build is a reminder that you are better off with fresh downloads and doing the work yourself.

These instructions were intended to be around for a few weeks until Loop 3 was released in both FreeAPS and the main Loop branch, but alas, 5 months later, it has not been released.

  • The instructions at LoopDocs now use a special build script for building Loop dev.
  • Build Loop dev

The instructions for the CustomTypeOne LoopPatches (including the “switcher” patch) have been expanded and new features added.  Look for even more changes and simplifications to come.

Older comments from Mark:

The FreeAPS Dash version is essentially ready,  However, it is NOT available as Master because of the serious danger of loopers switching to FreeAPS, just to get Dash support.

Why not push FreeAPS?

  • It is old.
  • It is not being updated and only gets maintenance support at this point.
  • The algorithms in Loop are now better than the ones in FreeAPS.
  • There are additional protections in Loop (that are not available in FreeAPS) to keep people from being harmed.
  • For some people in some circumstances, the settings between FreeAPS and Loop can be quite different.  This can cause incorrect dosing when moving to FreeAPS from Loop without proper settings testing.

If you are an existing FreeAPS user in search of Dash, the special build script in LoopDocs (mentioned above) allows you to build the development branch (freeaps_dev) for FreeAPS that supports DASH.

Updated early November 2022: 

  • there used to be zip file here but they have been removed
  • please use the script to build loop dev
  • reach out for help if you are having trouble with the patches or other customization


    After you build Loop-dev using the script linked above, you may choose to add some patches created by Jon Fawcett.

    The are found at this link:

    Please read the directions there completely before installing.

    Please test the patches after they are installed using the instruction on at that site.

    These patches are ONLY for Loop-dev.

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