Our Thoughts on Loop 3

Loop 3.0.0 (also known as Loop-main or Loop 3) was released on 14 January 2023.

In addition to providing support for DASH pods and Dexcom G7, Loop 3 provides support for remote overrides, bolusing and carbohydrate entry, and many new safety features.

If you’re still using Loop 2.2.x or Loop-dev, we recommend that you build Loop 3 in order to utilize all of the safety features and fixes that the devs have implemented. 

There are two branches of Loop 3- Loop (the main branch) and Loop with Patches.  Loop with Patches includes both the Custom Type One Loop Patches  and the Libre patch.  Both of these branches can be built using either the Browser Build or Build Select Script.

Meal Interface

While there are lots of changes in Loop 3, the biggest user interface difference is recording meals.

  1. The lollipop is now 30-minute absorption time, which is great timing for lollipops, but for those used to this icon being 2-hour absorption, please take note. Because Loop only sees 30-minute absorption time for 55 minutes (1.5x absorption time + 10 min), using the lollipop icon is likely to result in post-meal high BG if you use Lollipop for anything other than actual lollipops.
  2. Another change is that the roll forward for the time/date wheel is limited to 1 hour. If you frequently record multiple meal entries, then please note that you’ll need to record your entry at 1 hour in the future, then Save without Bolusing, and then edit your entry.
  3. The third change to the meal interface is that it automatically populates with Recommended Insulin. If you’re someone who likes to let Loop deliver meal insulin using ABs every 5 minutes, then this is something else that you’ll want to be cognizant of.  You’ll need to tap on Bolus in order to zero-out this Recommended Bolus amount from the Bolus line.


There are two customizations that will help you manage these changes: Default Carb Absorption Times and Adjust Future Carbs Time Interval. It is easy to customize Loop, and the instructions in LoopDocs are great, but if you get stuck, just post in the Loop and Learn Facebook group and someone will help you.

Minimum Requirements

In order to Build Loop 3, you’ll need iOS 15.1 or higher. If you’re using the Mac Build (traditional build) method using Xcode, you’ll need Xcode 14 or higher, which requires macOS 12.5 or higher. If your Mac can’t update to macOS 12.5 or higher, then consider the Browser Build. The advantage to the GitHub method is that you don’t need a Mac, the disadvantage is that, at the current time (17 January 2023), there are no instructions for customizing your Loop app.

Usage Data

When you go through the onboarding, you’ll be asked to share Usage Data with the developers. Usage data includes Loop version, as well as events like opening loop, bolusing, adding carbs, and navigating between screens. It does not include health data like glucose values or dosing amounts. Whether to share your usage data is a personal decision, but most of us will be sharing because we want to help the Loop developers in any small way that we can.

Medtronic Pumps

Medtronic Loopers who are updating from master must go to their pump screen and add insulin type. Without an insulin type, no closed loop.

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