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Sunday, 2 October 2022

5pm PT / 8pm ET

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Jon Fawcett is the founder and CEO of Fuse Chicken and now, CustomTypeOne. Jon has over 20 years’ experience designing and engineering products for some of the world’s leading companies ranging from the toy industry to high-security commercial devices.

“My daughter was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age 12. Since then, the technology to simplify and improve her day-to-day management has been drastic. With each new device or technology, there has been a new need introduced. All of the cases, holders, lanyards, clips, and bags that are needed to carry, protect, and use the devices and new apps and services to connect all the technology together.”

He has more ideas than time to work on these exciting and empowering projects, such as

  • SugarSafe Drive, an app about how to keep my teen driver safer. It is hands-free with gentler spoken alerts and includes a bright red EMS screen with customizable text for urgent low/high situations.
  • Testing another Loop patch add-on called Basal Lock, which prevents Loop from reducing or suspending basal if BG is higher than a threshold that you set.
  • SugarPixel enhancements include
    • full backend cloud database
    • push notifications servers
    • emergency phone calls to know if the PWD has taken action and snoozed the alert. For example: if you have a child living in a college dorm, you can set the emergency phone call to happen only if the alert hasn’t been snoozed on SugarPixel after 5 minutes.


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