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If you are running Loop 2.2.5, it is urgent that you update.  If you are running Loop 2.2.4 (master or the automatic bolus branch), or an older version, it is recommended that you update.

What’s new?

  • Automatic Bolus (Experimental) – Support for the Automatic Bolus dosing strategy has been included in this release as an option. The default will continue to be the standard Temp Basal strategy. It is marked experimental, as support for tracking automatic vs manual boluses is not yet implemented in the code and databases, and users must approach this feature with caution, as their settings may require changes to work well.
  • IOB – This version includes a fix to reduce occurrences of overlaps in accounting for insulin via reservoir and dose history, which causes temporary overestimation of IOB. See Loop Pull Request 344 for details.
  • OrangeLink Support – Connection monitoring, battery level alerting, find device, and light/vibration controls for OrangeLink and OrangeLink Pro. A new option to disable MySentry can help extend radiolink battery life
  • Miscellaneous Omnipod fixes and improvements: See RileyLink Pull Request 676 for details.
  • Provisioning Profile Expiration Alerting – When fewer than 20 days remain until profile expiration, you’ll get an alert when you open the app, once every 2 days at most. When fewer than 24 hours remain, you’ll get an alert when you open the app, once every hour at most. There is an option to navigate to the updating section of LoopDocs in the alert. Expiration date is also included in the issue report for reference.
  • Dexcom Share URL for non-US users has been fixed.
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